Know people at Riverton walmart superstore. Here is a few things that they do to there employees. The department manager in the photo lab has long stringy hair and going bald (so i'm guessing as he wears a cap which in the had book says only can wear caps in designated areas this is not one of them) he walks around all day doing nothing with a tel-son (?) in his hand. He has one of his workers do the managers work and the upper managers lets him get by with it. Adam the manager of the photo lab even forged names on paperwork. I would think that the upper managers and head office would have taken this very seriously. Nope they covered it up the book that he forged disappeared from the lab and he got a high score on the review they were having on the lab for having the forged documents. When home office hear and yes i wrote them on the employees behalf it took them months and they still haven't done any thing the only one that got in trouble was the one who saw that he forged her name and others and let upper management know that Adam did it. She got 3 days of without pay they already kicked her out of the lab for 2 of her 4 days. She was working Monday thru Friday in the lab but a younger gal changed her time and want time in the lab so they gave it to her. But the management will tell you that it isn't discrimination. She just has bigger boobs and sucks up to the managers. So if your in the riverton area and she is in the department then watch out she miss marks the prints (charging the wrong price) which is ok with them they can make up some of the lost revenue from shoppers using other stores. Maybe customers will feel sorry they lost 11 million (i think that's what they said) and pay it. They don't care if they employees get days of without pay just as long as they can live in Jackson, WY well have a place there anyway. Some of the older workers had to get down on the floor and stripe them. They were higher then a kite i was told. One of my friends said the next time to call the paramedics because it could have killed them. That would have been fine with walmart just as long as they have hid the fact they were discriminating and just having the older workers doing it. Apparently they cant afford maintenance people in the Riverton walmart maybe they need to fire some mangers and hire some, they can't do the employees because they have ran off or running off the good hard workers and replacing (if they can as nobody wants to work there) with young kids or people who work a week then quite because they don't want to put up with the managers. Walmart has an open door policy if it is like the one here don't use it. They use it to cover up just like the forgery. Molly Tomlinson just kept saying thank you for your concern. True i am not an walmart employee but if the customers know what happen see whats happening then they hopefully will shop else wheres i know i do a lot more shopping at our Smiths if Riverton had a Target i would be there to. The managers are unfriendly to employees so why would they be friendly to customers? Though i hear that they are doing away with the drug test so maybe they can get some happy drunks and druggies. Their shelf's may be full maybe not in the right spot what they would force the older people to do it so they may be in the right spot. Ps they do retaliate the photo lab worker has to go to HBA which is ironic as they are forcing the older HBA worker out.

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