So. Today in Andalusia, Alabama. I watched an employee break Federal Regulation and swap a game that someone "did not want". I attempted to do the exact same thing, I had bought HALO 5 and was extremely disappointed. Didn't want to swap it, didn't want anything but a refund. Told them that I had bought it for my son for his birthday and we took it out of the package and played it literally 2 days ago, and he ended up getting the exact same game in the mail from his grandmother. I didn't mind taking my copy back because well, his grandmother didn't send the receipt or live in this state. I explained it to them, after watching them do it for someone else, they denied it. I was in Wounded Warrior Gear, Would I technically have a lawsuit? I understand the situation, but I literally WATCHED them swap one kids Black Ops3 OPENED for a Fallout 4.

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