Tried to fill my mom's prescription – it was a comedy of errors, to describe it lightly. The doctor ordered a quantity of 30 with six refills on 9 scripts. Pharmacist explained that she couldn't get a 90 day supply because that's not what was prescribed. I called the doctor and he called and spoke to the pharmacist. I later called to confirm the conversation with the pharmacist and was told the issue had been rectified and she could be prescribed a 90 day supply for her meds.

Went in the next day to pick up her meds and was told she had 24 refills instead of 9. Asked the pharmacist to combine the various 30 day supply into a 90 day supply so I could pay $9.99 instead of 4.99 for each 30 day refill and was told that could not be done because the doctor authorized 3 30 day refills instead of a 90 day supply. I am sure this explanation is asinine even at Walmart. So for the 4th day, mom is without her medication till I can get to Walgreen or some other reasonable pharmacy to get her prescription filled. So absurd.

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