I got with this company a few years ago. I started with them when I lived in Texas and now that I live in Virginia and sold my vehicle and no longer need them, they have been promising me a rebate of 125 since August. Every time I call it is, "Oh we sent it. We need to check with Claims Department to make sure it was not cashed and then we will re-cut you a check." I also tried to have them put it on my card once and they tried to say something was wrong with it so they cut another check after they were asked not to. So 2 time a month I hear these stupid stories. I have asked to speak to a manager many time. Sometimes I get put on hold for hour or more until I hang up or I get told a manager will call me back which they never do. I also had a rep laugh in my face when I told her how upset I was for the way I am being treated.

By that point I really had it so I contact the Better Business of Ohio which was where they said they were from. They never responded back to the complaint. I found out today and was even more upset. I jumped on the computer to add a bad review against them when to my surprise I am not the only one. There has been lawsuits against them and all kinds of stuff. I am soon blown away on how they are even still advertising and pop up so fast they should be gone. Anyway to all the victims out there I feel your pain. I am in the same boat. I have been searching for the current lawsuit for this year so if anyone knows anything please let me know.

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