I rented a house from this man in December 2020 . The showing was fine by his sister . There was a lot to be fixed which all present were told would be done . Plumbing, electrical fixtures, exterior walls falling down, wooden balcony with missing poles and steps, electrical points not working, black mould, holes in ceiling, electric gate not working, bathroom Taps leaking, cupboards needing fixing . Day one I discovered the tap to the bath didn’t work and had no running water . The plumber came after a long time to fix this . When he came he flooded my bedroom ahd blew electrical items and burnt my domestic worker as he didn’t switch off the main water supply . When the tap worked the bath now started draining and mixing with the upstairs tenants drain from their kitchen and was draining into my shower . Sewerage everywhere . He will not fix it . Instead he comes here unannounced and threatens and insults us . Didn’t supply lease copy . Says he’s taking away facilities – the storeroom, the bidet ( because he’s been fixing pipes with insulation tape ) . He then sends the sheriff at 6:30 am claiming not to have received payments which he has received . He is devious, rude and abusive . Do not rent from him . The other tenants say he NEVER repairs anything once you have moved in . A real crook .

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