For over 10 years I have been the owner of The Perfects trademark and domain. This year as I have for every year I paid for my yearly renewal of which had been handled by since 2007. After I paid for my renewal, their parent company who they resell for auctioned off my domain that I spent years building a brand around to a Chinese company that deals in counterfeit Cartier jewelry.'s manager "Tim" admitted they were at fault, but instead of working on getting my domain back, they threw their hands up in the air claiming there was nothing they could do. Even which is supposed to fight for the smaller guy after receiving infallible proof that my domain was auctioned off illegally sided with them, which is still an ongoing battle. I am now in the process of getting ready to sue both and with a major class action lawsuit, since this is not the first time this has happened to customers.instead of being able to promote and push a new album, I am now going to have to spend money and time on getting my domain back.

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