To be objective Weebly is very good at what they do well, but unfortunately they have some very SERIOUS flaws… I would argue even fatal… Because we have invested a lot of work in our website we are somewhat stuck with them, but here's summary of what I am currently going through. I have had multiple issues with Weebly, and when I report the issue, I never get feedback other than "we have forwarded this issue to our senior developer team and we assure you we are working on it" after repeated attempts to contact them. They have so far fixed the issues except for the last one, but take extremely long to fix it, and don't notify you when it's fixed. Earlier this year the blog date entry would not accept the date I entered if I was post dating a blog entry. It would randomly put a date two or three days previous or future, sometimes causing the blog entry to post out of order. Phone wait times were the better part of an hour then, with nothing but pat responses that they are working on it. After two weeks, I finally gave up and started being sure to post the blogs on the date they were intended (which was a hassle) and as long as the I didn't touch the default current date it would work. I occasionally went back once a month to check if I could correct the wrong dates, found I still couldn't sent an email complaint (they had marked my issue "solved", but it wasn't) never a response except "we are sorry, we are working on it". When it finally was fixed, I never knew when… Three months after it broke I went back to the blog entries and was able to set the correct dates. No notification that it was fixed. Their tech support is HORRIBLE. The SYSTEM, mind you, NOT the people themselves, they tried hard when I talked to them and I could tell they were frustrated they were not allowed to tell me more than that one pat answer. NOW, starting last Sunday, every single link to all our PDF files simply broke, as if all my uploaded files were somehow deleted. After no response all day Monday to my emails, I called in a panic, and I was finally disconnected after 55 minutes on hold, no one ever answered. I opened a chat and the nice person (Brenee) confirmed the missing files were actually there, but could not explain the links failing to work. Two days later, still no response from Weebly, I troubleshot myself for hours, and found that they had moved all my files to a new directory structure without notice (possibly accidentally) but I will probably never know. If I hand type the new path in my browser (edit the old broken link) the files will open. I tried to let them know by phone and two chat sessions what had happened and could they move the files back to the original path to fix my links and the poor tech help people would answer like drones from a script "the issue has been escalated to our senior development team and they are working on a solution". Our world-wide clients cannot access their data now for 6 days and counting, still no communications from Weebly, and the links are still all broken – our website is effectively down, since the content of it (linked files) are what it is all about ( Check to see for yourself. Weebly's latest answer on my last chat attempt was that I need to rename -upload and re-upload all my PDFs. I asked them to give me a naming convention they recommend and they never sent it yet. But regardless, renaming the files is not necessary since I can manually edit the URL of the broken link and upload the file. Of course none of my users will be willing to do that every time – they will just quit using the site. The site statistics are showing that now. Right now I plan to make my own fixes – despite the immense hassle it will be individually editing three years worth of broken links; it could take months – by purchasing another web host, uploading all of our content (files) to the new host and URL, then linking our Weebly – based site's links to them, so this can never happen again. I like Weebly for what it does well and I will keep our website there for a front end only for the users, but this is unacceptable, and their tech help and customer service is virtually non-existent in cases like I just described. This is NO MYTH, brother, and it cannot be "busted". The truth is the truth. I have no ax to grind, just trying to be helpful. I even like the folks I have been able to contact, and I know they are trying to do a good job. But if Weebly plans to remain successful, they better start addressing some VERY serious issues soon. They need to really work on their support and response, even if it means they need to charge more.

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