I am not complaining about the actual diet program, as I attended meetings years ago and it worked quite well for me. However, I recently wanted to rejoin using their Online Plus service, where everything is done online with no meetings to attend. The "Oprah-approved" fee is about $50 for 3 months. The problem is you cannot really see what you are getting until you sign up. Sure, the marketing gurus give you all the fluff about what to expect, but no way to access a test page or any short term trial.

The way they get you, or SCAM you in my book, is once you do purchase this package and have full access to the site, you have no ability to get a refund if you are unsatisfied. And believe me, I was unsatisfied. The site is awful! Within an hour I knew I would be so frustrated in trying to use it that I may as well have thrown my money away.

In all fairness, Weight Watchers does put in fine print that you cannot get a full refund once you join. But when trying to cancel it indicated that I could only get $9.99 of my $50 refunded. I even tried to submit a claim through PayPal explaining my non-use of the site but I did not prevail. My question is this: Is it fair to offer no refunds on a product that you cannot even see beforehand? Really, after one hour, what is Weight Watchers out in terms of cash output? Why are they keeping my money (which I have yet to receive back)?

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