Due to unforeseen reasons, I missed a payment on my home in Sept. Of 2013. I called Wells Fargo prior to missing the payment and tried to work with them. They made it absolutely impossible, unless I made 2 months payment, plus a late fee the next month. I simply did not have the money. I tried for a loan modification and was flatly turned down. I tried sending $100.00 extra each month, however that money was set aside and not put towards anything, and all the while I was receiving a late payment fee each month.

When interest rate declined sharply I tried to refinance with them and was declined, plus they wanted close to $6000 in closing costs. Today, more than 2 years later, I received a letter stating that they are going to start foreclosure proceedings on me. I have never missed a payment since the 9/13 payment. They also state that they would be more than happy to help me with a short sale. It was on the news yesterday about all the fines that they have incurred due to their practices. Evidently, the repercussions of their actions does not matter.

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