I logged on to Wells Fargo to do a balance transfer to pay off my wife's Macy's account. Account was not paid off. Wells Fargo does a terrible job in this process. They sent me a "message" stating they wanted to talk to me before they would complete the transfer – account verification. Well, I do not log into my Wells Fargo account very often and the "message" does not go to my email – so the request for payment did not go thru. Soooo… If you think you are doing a balance transfer through Wells Fargo – chances are you are not because they do not tell you it is a two step process – meaning you request a transfer then have to go back in the next day and confirm the transfer.

Simple solution – Wells Fargo should email me to confirm the transfer but – that would be asking too much of a publicly held company – leader in their field. Beware of making balance transfers. And the service team at the call center – -10 as they could not figure out what I was calling about. Blah blah blah why do I stay at Wells Fargo.

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