Just downloaded the mobile app. Super poor design for an app, looks like their website. Why would you develop an app if you just want to have the same small buttons there? I could just use the website. After I finally logged in they want to verify my identity which is totally fine, I understand the security reasons but why are you asking me to type in the code that btw didn't work the first time and gave me "we are currently unavailable" or something like that. Never works when you need it. Why I am using the app? Because every time I go to the bank (Mankato branch) their annoying tellers ask me about 100 annoying questions while I am in the line. I can tell them being fake, I am just here to deposit money, do not ask me where does my mom live or what is my ethnicity. Very annoyed with you Wells Fargo. I hope you will start hiring a better staff.

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