Receive refinance under HARP, Residential Home explained loan would be reduced to approx. $325,000, and be the new balance of loan, partly based on estimated value at time, adding and now taking off interest only payments not made on loan, etc. Loan would start at low percentage, increase overtime with cap, and paying towards principal and see decrease overtime, no longer interest only loan. On receipt of paperwork to sign, there was an addition that was not discussed, a second principal balance of $124,200.00, that was never mentioned, discussed or to be part of terms of loans which Ms. Went over with me in great detail.

As Ms. Was no long assigned to case, I was only able to speak with someone who brushed me off when I requested this be corrected, telling me that if I didn't agree to this contract for refinance, that I would lose the refinance and the contract would be null and void. Basically sign it or screw yourself. This lady didn't give a crap about what I was stating and this certainly seemed to be a scam, as well as, criminal. Recordings of phone calls should also show evidence of these conversations. Should you need additional information and I can provide it, please feel free to contact me via email at. Thank you so very much!

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