Requested a HARP loan mod after receiving a letter from WF that my loan was serviced by WF but owned by FM (Fannie Mae). Took the letter stating that and went to my local branch to discuss the HARP program and was told that my loan was not a FM loan even though the letter from WF stated such. Left a copy of the letter with the local branch to follow up on as to why the loan was not a FM loan and yet to hear back. Called corporate office regarding such and was given to a smug little fart who said he didn't care what the letter stated, it wasn't a FM loan.

So what good is this letter? Been after WF for over a year to re-write this mortgage to a better interest rate and never once do they return a call. I believe it's due to being a minority. I really dislike the WF institution and if I refi my mortgage I pray it is not sold to this lame outfit. They actually have greeters just like Walmart at my local bank. What a hoot, and what a joke.

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