This is, hands down, the worst banking institution that I have had the displeasure of working with. Tonight marks the 5th time in a month that I've had to call Wells Fargo to unfreeze my card from their "Fraud Prevention". Every week after making normal purchases (restaurant, clothing, errands, etc) I inevitably end up getting "Sorry, your card was declined" which then I need to break out a credit card that I would rather not have to use. Come to find out the amazing Wells Fargo Fraud Prevention Team deemed my purchases fraud and locked the use of my card. No call to verify, no automated message asking me to call in to the offices, no notification at all. So the consumer sits there looking like a fool with a declined card. I have found that the call to verify the purchases doesn't usually happen until the next day or so!

Then you're made to jump through hoops to verify who you are, state your address, and other info 3 or more times. Then sit and listen to someone run through 15-20 recent transactions in order to get use of your own money. The fact that they do this so often is downright absurd. What makes this all the more comical is that when actual fraud happened against my account, Wells Fargo told me I was on my own and it wasn't their responsibility. A few months ago a hotel charged my card for a room I never booked and Wells Fargo informed me to deal with it myself. And they wouldn't fight the charge. So I ended up having to pay for a room that I never booked and had no backup from my own bank.

A few months before that an ex landlord was able to cash a check that I had cancelled with nothing more than a photo copy of the check. He informed the bank that he had lost the original. Keep in mind this check had been not only cancelled as I had paid him with a cashier's check but it was a year later! I called to inquire what the hell was going on and was first told that the money was to be refunded asap. A week later I call back to see where the refund was and I was then told it would be another week. That week goes by and I receive a letter letting me know that it's out of their control and to take him to small claims court. So not only is their fraud prevention a complete fallacy when it comes to actual fraud but it backfires on their own customers when they need access to their own money.

Lastly, I was denied in getting a credit card vs. A secure card with Wells Fargo. I have a 786 credit score, make over 6 figures, and have little to no debt and they said "a secure card is all they could offer me". But I had no problem finding another card elsewhere. Overall, their customer service is sub par, most of the people have no idea what they're doing, and you'll end up running in circles with no answers. Their accessibility to loans or credit cards with a solid salary, backed up by a strong credit score and low debt ratio is non existent. Don't forget the wait times and holds on large checks and the worst "fraud prevention" system ever. I will be closing my account asap and switching to an institution that doesn't allow my money to be stolen while interrogating me, when I try to spend my own money. This bank is absolute garbage.

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