We have just closed with the Wells Fargo Mortgage experience, so I thought a review might be helpful for others. It was frustrating to say the least. The thirty day closing date was not honored by Wells – a processor was sick for a week and no one else was able to process the loan. Various other reasons for other extensions followed. Ultimately we needed to receive four extensions – almost three months – we had to pay the seller's mortgage in following months to keep the party on board. By the time we got close to our extension expiring after 2.5 months, Wells third party vendors required further documentation but would not submit it in time for the verifying party to submit it before expiration, in spite of 12 email and various telephone reminders on the eve of the expiration day.

After 2.5 months we were informed that our interest lock expired and would cost us another $178.00. I argued that it was Wells Fargo responsibility without success. Their loan tracker online process is confusing to say the least. New document requests kept appearing, although the loan officer informed us that all documentation was submitted. Apparently they have difficulty communicating between various levels, processors, third party vendors. They have chosen to work with those parties – Wells should fix that process because it is confusing to receive conflicting information. I am done with Wells Fargo Mortgage for future business.

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