Wells Fargo has to be one of the worst in dealing with customers. I had gone thru several "Home Preservation Specialists" that were slow and never could give me an answer on status without a 2-week delay. I had received one Loan Mod and my job cut my pay nearly in half. That sent me back to Wells Fargo for some relief and all they were interested in was foreclosure. Tried to escalate to a manager and that was a complete waste of time.

Hired a lawyer who worked with me and got W-F out of foreclosure mode for a few months and finally I agreed to put house up for sale. Get them the paperwork about the offer and 3 weeks before the settlement date, they go to foreclose on me! Once again, it is panic mode and again lawyer has to file an injunction to stop the non-sense. They were actually going to take a loss on the house by going to foreclosure and I had to pay a lawyer to stop them so I can make things right. They are just all wrong. I have nothing good to say about them. I understand I got myself into the mess, but how about a little cooperation to get everybody whole and turn the house over in a positive way. Not if Wells Fargo had its way. They are just worst, and not very smart either.

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