I purchased Wen after viewing the infomercial on TV. After receiving the product, I started using the product Sweet Almond Cleansing conditioner exclusively and every day. I got rid of all other products I had, taking the advice of Chaz Dean. Within a month, I noticed my hair was falling out on the comb and 3 bald spots in the middle of my head on both sides, and the top of my head about 5 weeks later. First, I didn't believe it would have been this miracle product that all these celebrities are endorsing for perfect hair. They sent me another 3 month supply because I was on the automatic ship program for $100 before I could cancel. I still have 2 bottles of it.

When I cancelled the auto ship, I told the rep I had not experienced any hair growth since using the product. I am black and had just done a big chop to regrow my natural hair. I still have no hair growth on those spots, like my hair just permanently shriveled or a chemical burn. I have not been able to wear my own hair since June and am now having to wear wigs to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of baldness. I thought about cutting all of my hair but it's not growing in those spots that were damaged. I do not recommend this product and would definitely sue the company for this traumatic hair baldness event.

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