I received my Wen products yesterday. Used the shampoo this morning, very nice. I haven't used the other products since on a work day morning, I don't have time. I will continue to use the products for 10 days straight and then decide if I'm satisfied or not, meaning, asking for a refund or not. My pet peeve with these products is what follows: When I received my box, included was a statement indicating that in a 30 day span, other products would AUTOMATICALLY be delivered and CHARGED to my account. I phoned immediately.

First question I asked them to confirm is "Please confirm this conversation will be recorded." (I've worked with a system like this, people clam up) She did confirm. Then, I SPECIFICALLY, told them I did NOT want to receive any other products. But especially, I did NOT ANY OTHER CHARGES ON MY VISA. They had a speech as long as the arm but once again I stated my request and asked for a verbal and written confirmation. Secondly, to the people on this list, in this day and age, you can call your credit card company and tell them not to accept any charges from any company you do not wish to deal with, ex. Wen. There is a minimum credit card insurance against these things. Phone your credit card customer service and inquire. All this said, I do like the products, just not their way of dealing with their business.

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