I used WEN products for at least a year which I purchased from QVC. One of the negative comments on QVC's website was someone started to lose their hair so they stopped using WEN. When I started losing my hair I had this at the back of my mind and stopped using WEN and starting using a regular shampoo to get rid of the build up. I was losing handfuls of hair when I washed or brushed my hair. I have never experienced hair loss like this before. My hair looks worse now than when I started using it. It is brittle and has lost its shine. My scalp had become itchy and I was wondering if the heavy WEN cleanser had clogged my hair follicles and caused fungus or bacteria to ruin the follicles.

I had an idea to put coconut oil and melaleuca essential on my hair with a shower cap and sleep with it overnight. After two days my hair stopped falling out. Now I have to wait for my hair to grow in. I have never had as little hair as I have now. Watching CBS tonight and hearing other women were having hair loss after using WEN was confirmation for me. I am throwing my granddaughter's WEN away as well as the canine formula. I will send QVC an email and let them know the problem people are having with WEN.

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