I usually wear my hair past my waist, but I've noticed my braid was looking much smaller, and I have fly always and breakage with receding hair. I have been using WEN twice a week for 4 plus years and just recently noticed head sores on my crown and in the front crown area. It appears to be slowing down in growth even though I take hair essential vitamins to protect my hair from early balding. I am so glad to be watching the right channel in time to find this out. Thankfully I've only had thinning and breakage, but my hair is no longer below my waist at my hip region and because of the breakage I'm back to square one to having long undamaged hair. I can only pray it's not from clogged follicles. I still have WEN from the bulk amount I buy during the Holidays when he sells it on QVC. I have always bought mine from QVC.

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