Having used Wendy's for many years, I am really disappointed with the one closest to my home. There are two main complaints I wish would be addressed. This Wendy's is located at 716 Goodman Rd., Horn Lake, Ms.

1. They no longer give a receipt unless asked for and then it is often still not provided. This being the companies only record of sales, I can't help wondering if there is some internal theft going on. I have asked for my receipt several times only to be told it is in the bottom of the bag. However it is almost always missing when I get home.

2. Out of all the Wendy's I use, this one is often out of salads, baked pitatos, etc. At first I thought it was because it was late in the evening but it happens at many afternoon visits as well. I can't think of another restaurant that is out of products so often, if at all. This is very frustrating when I drive several miles only to be told they are all out. Seems like extremely poor management. It has caused me to even stop visiting and going somewhere else I know will serve me.

On my last visit, I was even told to pull out away from the window so the counter would not register my visit. This sounds really odd and tells me there is something going on that shouldn't be.

Please look into this as I'm sure it is turning others away also. Thankfully, visits to other Wendy's don't treat customers this way. For that reason I will continue using them.

Thanking you in advance,


Robert Perreault

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