I just ate at Wendy's store in carrboro

Nc.#11601354. I've eaten there for years and they recently renovated. Today it was raining and I had my cane. As soon as I got in the store both of my feet

And the cane stared slipping and I was terrified I would fall. The new manager

Said it appeared that the last shift had out too much soap in the water for moping. He brought my food to me and assigned an employee to try to remove the floor. I was there for 45 minutes

And many people who came in after me

Complained, I had solid new shoes on and one man said he had regulation restaurant shoes on and he was still

Slipping. The manager offered to walk

Me to the door and when I tried to get up my cane was still slipping on the floor, so I took my shoes off and put them in my bag and held his arm until I

Got to the door. Then he gave me a. Chair to sit on while I put my Merrill shoes back on. He was kind, respectful, strong and really seemed to be comfortable helping me.

Even tho I was really terrified of falling, and have never walked barefoot in a restaurant at age 79, he got me out of there safely. Bottom line he should be rewarded for going over and above his job description. At least make him. A trainer, and I would be happy to assist him to explain how important helping Seniors.

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