I will NOT go back to the Wendy's!!! NO RECEIPT. I guess they think that will hinder your complaining! Last time I got two side salads; and, when I prepared to eat one – IT WAS ROTTEN, BROWN & DISGUSTING! Not fresh! I had to throw them away! TONIGHT-11/14/15- I went to the drive thru. When I ordered two side salads & chili, I told her I did NOT want them if they were brown! When I pulled up, I told her of my last BROWN SALAD EXPERIENCE, her reply was "Oh well – we have rotated out some prep people." As I waited for my food, she and another employee cavorted and pinched each other. The second employee was talking about OH WELL GIRLS' TITTIES! Then I get home, open the salads and THEY ARE DISGUSTING AGAIN! She was the Manager and was as flippant as could be! Really Tacky! I won't go back!!

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