My husband and 5 kids were all wanting and ready to enjoy our favorite combos at the Wendy's in Rio Rancho off of 528 and Bernalillo. We had been driving all day and stopped on our way home. We have a 7yr old with autism and is very picky. He loves Wendys. The lady in the drive thur was rude and seemed to be slurring her words. We asked for a minute and she told us NO! Then she paused and told us they were out of minutes. She started to laugh so loud at us. I was mortified. We left and my children were so upset. My 7yr old was in tears. I don't know if this is who you want working for you but if it were me I would be outraged. We called and the lady that took our complaint was sounded to be the samenrude worker. Needless to say… They did nothing. I am so upset and have never had that happen. Sucks it had to be at our OLD favorite place.

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