The Wendy's here in Paris has always been good until tonight. I needed to grab something quick in a limited time frame. I ordered a baconator combo large size. Paid for it, got it quick and returned to work. When I got to my office I found that instead of a baconator I had received a grilled chicken sandwich. Not quite what you're expecting when you order beef and get chicken. I called the store, was put on hold for about 10 minutes until they could find a manager. The manager didn't give her name, just asked what she could do. I explained what happened. She told me if I brought the receipt and food in they would exchange it. I let her know that wasn't possible as I was already back at work and couldn't leave again. She got slightly irate & said, "Fine, bring it when you get off work." I also explained that I wasn't given a receipt.

She argued that they always give receipts so I must have lost it. I nicely explained that no, I didn't lose it. I gave her the amount of the meal, let her know I paid with a $20 and the 21 cents in change. I told her I would come in when I got off work and I could just get my money back. She told me she couldn't give me my money back if I didn't have a receipt and questioned why I couldn't come back then. I explained again that I was at work & couldn't leave again until it was time to go home. She got very agitated and sighed. I asked her name & at that point she hung up on me. I've never had problems with this Wendy's but it will be a while before I go back there. And I will definitely check my order before leaving.

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