Was staying at the Westgate Resort in Kissimmee and was totally turned off from the start when they pressured us to attend the 90 minute sales pitch. We were tired after a long day and so just to get our room we reluctantly agreed to attend. The free breakfast was a joke and we just wanted to leave, but of course not until we had two sales people try to change our mind. The worst was when bed bugs were discovered… It was disgusting. The worst part though was how the staff handled the situation. We had to insist they change our room and they offered a downgraded room that was way too small to accommodate all 4 of us! We practically had to cause a scene to have them change the room and of course we needed all of our clothing and other items (luggage) cleaned prior to us moving to a new room.

It took us pretty much all day to have them help us. They were of very little help and left us waiting for assistance for hours. When after numerous phone calls they insisted they had already picked up our things for cleaning! Really how did they do that when we were still waiting for them in the bed bug suite! It was pathetic how they handled this and extra infuriating after putting us through a pressure sales pitch. IF this is an example of how they treat their guests, then I wouldn't want anything to do with buying into this joke of a resort!

Oh and here's how considerate they were with all of this… We were offered to free large pizzas for our trouble… How pathetic. We suggested a better compensation than this was required, so bless their hearts, they came up with a 100.00 voucher for their restaurant. Another joke! We are now back home, but for extra precautions are getting everything cleaned before bringing into the house. Never stay at this resort! The sales pressures and lack of help for situations like bed bugs!!!

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