Oct31/15 Flt 2208 to Mazatlán was a full flight with 5 dogs. One seated in 9A
barked ALOT thro our 6 hrs on the plane. When we landed not only did I have a headache and earache, so did most the passengers. Since my husband & I paid TOP $ 1300 for 2 – 1 way fares, we are considering flying with another carrier. We have flown 2 round trips the past 6 years to Mazatlán, and DO NOT WISH to encounter another DOG ISSUE like this. We have flts booked with WJ Dec 19, Jan 6 and April 23/16.
I realize you are a PET FRIENDLY airline — BUT what about your regular passengers!!!
Maybe you might consider your pets ALL travel at the back of the plane. Also
problem dogs should be addressed.
We have a West Jet Visa & travel your airline a lot —but will not sit near a dog again. We were in seats 9B 9C beside one dog and behind the problem barker. On a full flight it is impossible to move as you know.
Compensation on our costly airfare which was booked 6 months pier would be appreciated.

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