This company has the worst customer service. I paid off my account like two months ago and they still have it on my credit. Every time I call it, a different excuse. I have spoken to 3 supervisor and 10 agents and my situation is the same. I am unable to get another loan because they are still reporting this account under my credit. They insist the social security is not mine and they are not able to remove it without me emailing my credentials to them. I have done so and they still have this account under my credit.

Regardless, the account should have been close and deleted from the credit. I am been denied from a house loan because this is still in my credit. This whole situation has created a hardship on me and my family. Now I had to get into a year lease with another house for rent because my previous lease was up and I was supposed to have had my house if it wasn't because Westlake is not doing their job.

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