Awful customer service. We bought a washing machine in 2010 and it has shredded a ton of clothes over the years. I called customer service to see what they could do to help me with this problem. After about 45 minutes of trying to get more than a service that I would have to be responsible for, the supervisor offered me a new washer at a discounted price. I went online to compare and found out I could purchase the exact same washing machine at home depot & best buy for $50 cheaper. I called back to see if there was anything they could have done and they would not budge.

Shame on you Whirlpool. You have lost a customer and I will make sure no one I know buys one of your products ever again. I cannot believe that you would not make any accommodations for us. We bought that washing machine with the intention of keeping it for 15 years. It has cost us countless amounts of blankets, shirts, pants, etc. I can't believe you wouldn't help us after all the money this piece of junk cost us.

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