Purchased on 9/12 at Home Depot. Ice maker paid for as stated in ad for home depot, did not come with fridge. Tech needed for warm food, had to repair gasket. Tech needed for cracked handle. 6 calls for freezing food in fridge compartment. No resolve. Whirlpool wanted a 2nd opinion and another tech came deeming the fridge 'unrepairable'. Not good enough for Whirlpool. After speaking to several 'customer service' agents, they said they do not refund or replace, only repair. I have lost hundreds of dollars of food from freezing. My fridge is reading at 31 deg. This is way below what it is supposed to read at. No call from Whirlpool since last tech came. Their customer service is terrible and cold. Whirlpool Corp. Was not any help either. You can see the problem with this model if you look up 'Whirlpool fridge freezing food in Florida', as a woman there called ABC news and they reported it. I will also do the same.

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