Last October 30,2015, Friday, our family had lost a very special member, Maxwell. He was such a lovable and unforgettable four-legged companion who broke my heart into million pieces with his untimely death. He's just 4 years old. He got all veterinary care and considered on top of perfect health but after giving him the treats of chicken-flavored Whiskas Temptations, soft inside, crunchy outside, he went into seizure, gasping for air, tongue out, and died in just minutes after ingesting the treat.

I have a very guilty feeling that I gave him such a treat that leads to his death. I want to reach out to other pet owners, to please, please read reviews of products before putting anything into your pet's mouth. I learned the hardest way, knowing that my grieving will be a journey which I have no idea when it ends. Everyday, everywhere, and every moment in the house reminded me of him which is emotionally devastating. I do not want anyone to go through what I have been through. Please read, read, read reviews all the time.

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