I purchased 3 adjustable bases because they match a price that I found in another website $900.00 each = $2, 700.00 ( they offer no tax or delivery charge a big lie ) and also I purchased 4 mattresses which they claim to be best of the line coil a lie. They charge me $369.00/each = $1, 476.00, so I paid a total of $4, 176.00. I order two for my kids and two for my parents big dissapoint when you sleep on them you can feel the coils, so I search for the same mattresses and I found that amazon offer them for $140.00 free shipping. 🙁 I call them and they said that they don't even charge me for them, they where part of a package another Big lie they said they didn't remember what we talk on the phone when we made a deal and because in the receive they put everything as a package with only one total not specified the price for each item. Now they only want to give me $540.00 back but I have to pay $360.00 for send them back at the end I will receive only $180.00 instead of my $1, 476.00 Adjustablebeddirect.com disclaims responsibility. The website claims satisfaction guaranteed. A lie. They claim money back if not satisfied. A lie. They claim they will take the bed back if not satisfied after three months. A lie. Every statement on the website about satisfaction is a lie.

Do not do business with these scammers and liars. Deal with honest companies like Plush beds or Casper. Great products, great customer service and honest people not scammers and liars. They gives you what offer finally I found the mattresses that we want after I hard lesson with Adjustable Bed Direct.

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