Horrible. When my wife and I first moved in we were getting around 3 megs per second. Now we are lucky if we are getting one half of a meg per second. I spoke to someone on the phone and they said the best we could hope for would be 1.5. I told to him that we used to get around three and he could not explain how we could get that much then but can only get 1.5 now. This company is pitiful at best. They sound very pleasant on the phone but will never resolve your issues. Do a little searching for yourself and you will see the overwhelming negative reviews this company receives on a daily basis. This is the only option of internet service in my area. However, I am dropping them. They are abysmal. The service they provide is unusable. You pay every month but don't receive enough speed to utilize the internet. It baffles me how they can still be in business.

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