I called Windstream to set up service, I was told for the very basic cable (we had more channels with our antenna, my husband unhooked the tv the same day) telephone (who cares we both have cells) & internet (what I really wanted) the cost would be about $74.00 per month. The guy came out right on time, all went well, except as I said the cable took some of our good free channels & gave us crap channels. Then I receive the first bill & it says $95. But that is not what I was told it would be. Ive tried to call customer service but I didnt have enough time to wait (called CS 3x) then within the same week I get another bill for $191. I cant believe this. I dont need your service, if thats what you call it. I will pay the $74. I was quoted but that will be it. Thankx. Cindy Skov/660 west D st/Lincoln

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