I sent a message recently about the difficulty I was having reaching anyone about my bill. I was complaining that I was told my bill would be 74.00 monthly, then I received a bill first for 96.00, something that was much higher than I was told it would be. A very short time later I receieved another bill for 192.00. After I received the first bill and couldnt reach anyone about it, I didnt pay it my service was suspended. Today I received a bill for 290.00, I have not had service since the first month, and as I said the cable was so 'low rate' my husband disconnected it the first day because what we got with an antenna was better than you wanted us to pay for. This is crazy, I'm guessing you think I'm an idiot. I will pay you the 74.00 that I was told my bill would be for the one and only month we had your service. You people are criminal to try to charge this much for such 'low rate' service. I would be happy to return your things but since I always push the button for 'already a customer' you cant bother with my call. My #, please feel free to call me I do answer my calls.

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