I started service the last week of September 2015. The service tech was very friendly and helpful. However I have had service for only a month and have had to have them fix problems with the Internet because it stopped working twice since service started. I have no other options for Internet and I work from home online. They also told me I have a 54.99 price lock but after the outrageous surcharges, fees, and taxes my bill came to 92.31. So I had to cancel the phone service and remove the lite plan which brought my bill down to 72.40 FOR INTERNET ONLY. This is ridiculous that I have to pay this much for problems after 1 month of service and that I can't even try and get another provider because the dish network and directv businesses are linked up with Windstream.

One windstream tech that came out to fix one of the problems said that a cable was bad up the road and that they knew about it but had no idea if and when they would fix it. So my what he did to fix the problem with my Internet is only temporary. Windstream you need to get your act together. If another company comes out here I'm done with your business and switching the first chance I get. You used to be great and my husband, I, never had any problems and you were a reasonably priced company – but I guess you charge whatever you want since our only options are your business or nothing. If I didn't work from home I would cancel service all together. So from the bottom of heart thank you for terrible service and a ridiculous bill.

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