I have frequently shopped at two different Winn Dixie locations. One in Doral and one in Hialeah. I understand that mistakes happen by workers and prices may be occasionally inaccurate. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem every time I go to Winn Dixie. What is even more frustrating to me is when the same price error happens two weeks in a row.

I usually shop early in the morning – between 7am and 8am, and Customer Service doesn't open until 8am. So when there is a problem with the price, the manager has to come and help, or I have to wait until 8am. At both stores, the managers are not friendly and seem annoyed at having to fix the problem with the price. I understand that they may be annoyed that their works made another mistake, but this is not a good way to build relationships with customers. The only reason I go to Winn Dixie is because of their mark down prices on organic items and soon-to-expire dairy items. The rest of my shopping is done at Publix, where the customer service is much better.

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