I Contacted WorldECM.com, operated by one Thomas Thompson in early FEB of 2016 who’s address is 84 Dandelion Dr. Summerville Ga. 30747 To repair an engine control module. On Feb 9th, I sent the part to the Dandelion address along with payment via money order. I was promised a 3 day turn around, which did not happen. He claimed that my part was defective and suitable replacement would be needed. I promptly sent the money as he indicated he had located a suitable replacement and would obtain it as soon as the money was received. Since, I have repeatedly requested a time frame for this service, all I get is one excuse after another. To date I have received nothing, despite almost daily requests to return my part and my money. After a call to the County seat, he may not have business license. On the surface it appears their really is nothing legitimate about this man. At this point I would not trust him whatsoever. No matter what he says its all just smoke and mirrors.

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