Beware……This Idiot has been selling autographed albums he says he bought from a collector and he has no COA.
He juat sold his 4th Doors album tonight 20August2016 signed by all 4 members. YES HIS 4TH DOORS ALBUM. They commanded a meaningless amount of 150. a couple went for 200 each and the 4th one went for 630? oh these poor people that bought these.
he is also selling multiple Eagles albums and fleetwood mac signed by all.

I asked him if you have so many doors signed albums why would you not get them authenticated and command thousand of dollars as they are worth that? of course the douche couldnt get the bat off the shoulder on that one.

I called him on this and of course he got mad as all theives do. These are the kind of people that give the autograph collecting market a bad name. WILLIAMTELLGAMING = CROOK

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