I purchased a ring from this company on 12/15/17 with a guaranteed shipping time of two weeks. My credit card was charged the same day, but after several attempts to contact the company, I didn't receive the ring until 1/12/17, just two days before our wedding. Upon receiving the ring, it was not what I had paid for, engraved fingerprints were not on the ring as confirmed that they would be. After refusing to refund my money because of the poor customer service that I had received, I finally agreed to return the ring for the engraving that should have been done over a month ago when I ordered it. I had to pay return shipping and then wait for the ring. Upon receipt again, it wasn't as advertised, but it would do, I just wanted to be finished with this company and deceitful practices. My husband has worn the ring for only two months and a large section of the ring broke out. I contacted the company again and was told that we were at fault for abuse to the ring. My husband has worn the ring, but has not damaged it. It is my understanding that tungsten is one of the hardest metals made and any jeweler will concur that tungsten will not break while being worn without an impact that would crush a human hand. Obviously the ring was damaged while being made or is not in fact tungsten as advertised. The company wants me to pay even more money for the warranty and absolutely refuses a refund. I do not want his defective ring or a replacement at this time. I feel that this company has shown disregard to me as a customer and refuses to accept any wrong-doing.

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