I bought discounted accommodation voucher with Wyndham Resorts in Australia – I figured for $15 a night accommodation I could put up with a 90-minute presentation. Upon returning to my room post the presentation my guest asked me if I was angry – she knew from experience the sales pitch would be extreme and pushy. I told her that I thought the whole thing was like a comedy and, for me at least, an interesting learning exercise in how people try to sell dodgy and financially disastrous products.

Anyway I had 3 sales people paraded in front of me. When the first one wasn't getting the sale they bought over another one and then another. They were just doing their job I suppose (must really need a job to do this one) but none of the sales people could clearly articulate the financial implications of the packages when asked specific questions. The assumptions used in their analysis were blatantly flawed and did not hold up to any level of scrutiny.

The whole thing became more and more ridiculous. I watched a video which included the CEO introducing himself as well as his puppy 'Max' and then sat through countless stories of people explaining why they love holidays. A salesman told me that I should invest in holiday timeshare because I might one day die without having fully enjoyed life. They also suggested that I borrow the funds from them at 13.75% – which is verging on criminal and something I will follow up with regulators on.

While I did find the whole thing amusing I also found it frightening. I understand finance and business and say emphatically steer clear of Wyndham Timeshare. Do not feel pressured, do not sign any deal at the presentation. Go away and do the maths… They might make it sound viable but I assure you it is not. You will be financially bound, have limited flexibility, pay higher and higher maintenance costs annually and will have difficulty trying to resell it. Steer clear.

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