I was on the beach boardwalk in South Carolina when I was approached by the man in the information booth and talked into a 120 min presentation about Wyndham vacation resorts and that I receive the gift of $100 AMEX gift card. The stipulation was that I had to give $20 that would be refundable and that I needed to make the appointment the next day or as soon as possible after. The man convinced me that there was no obligation to buy anything. Just to sit and listen to the presentation so I made an appointment for a couple of days later.

I'm hoping Club Wyndham owners start a class action lawsuit. I bought a timeshare during a very high pressure sales presentation "tour" in South Carolina. She kept saying "no pressure" as she was luring a lamb into a wolf's den and she knew it. When she asked me what my income was and I told her, she said to lie and say I had an income of $40,000 a year because that was the lowest income I could buy a timeshare with. I believed every word she said while she was smiling and playing me with cheese and crackers and repeating how great a deal she could get me.

She brought in someone who she said was a supervisor and asked him to look through his inventory because he could get me a better deal than she could. He came back with two "fantastic" deals. One came with more points and one came with more perks. He told me about the two properties available with a beach front unit. The first thing I heard was this property was a foreclosure. I said I don't want any foreclosures because of everything I've heard about in general. The word "foreclosure" should have created great alarm bells for me but I've never owned my own home and am not up on foreclosures. I just always viewed it as a dirty word.

They kept me there for five hours talking about this and that, while putting essential details like what's really in the contracts on the back burner and saying over and over again "no pressure" while smiling all the way and acting like she was my very best, long-lost friend. I ended up being very convinced that I could afford this timeshare – paraphrasing her as follows – the "cheapest, most affordable timeshare that will save me money for the rest of my life when I want to go on vacations".

The timeshare they convinced me to buy was a studio oceanfront for $21,000 and 105,000 points, but her manager said he would give me a bonus of 195,000 extra points to be used in the next two years or I would lose it. This was another sales ploy that I did not see through. If I wasn't under her influence and her coworker's influences, I never would have been tricked into buying it. I'm an apartment renter. I know my limits and I never live above my means.

When I called to find out how many points an airplane ticket was to go to the West Coast, from where I live on the East Coast, I was told I didn't even have enough points for a one-way ticket!!! When my "vacation representative" was give me was telling me about all the great benefits of ownership, she asked me where I wanted to go and I said to Hawaii. She said, and I'm very excited and cheerful tone, that I could do that very easily with my points! How is that for an outright lie?

Please if anyone starts a class-action lawsuit let me know about it. I desperately need my money back. So far I have lost $18,000 in payments for the timeshare, the maintenance fees, the title and deed and title insurance. I cannot go anywhere with the little amount of points that I have except to a hotel near where I live. How ridiculous is that? Never buy a Club Wyndham Vacation Resorts timeshare and Never Accept a Club Wyndham Vacation Resorts sales ploy of free gifts to "JUST WATCH a 120 minute presentation with no obligation"!!

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