They are horrible. They lie to you and pressure you to buy more. They told me I was supposed to of had a buy back program on my ownership so I needed to sign all these papers to get them added but instead had taken away the contracts that I had already paid for in full and added another one so then gave me a large payment. When I called and explained that I did not want this done they told me too late.

Now they have received approximately 80000. Out of me and now are saying nothing is paid for and I still have to pay for another 9 years of 600 a month. When trying to talk to them they just say "No. We traded in all your previous contracts so you don't have any paid for." I have decided it is not WORTH owning in WYNDHAM since they have now started charging for some of the trades. Also I have been an owner since 2002 and have now lost over 80000. With nothing to show for it and very few vacations to show for it. I would highly recommend no one ever buy from WYNDHAM!!!

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