Took a weekend beach trip to North Myrtle and got talked into going to a Wyndham sales pitch by a salesman at the hotel. The salesman at the hotel was nice. It was the typical "just come out and listen to the presentation, no obligation to buy, free breakfast and gift cards for attending a 2 hour presentation." We went the next morning. Breakfast was cheap and terrible especially coming from a company that preaches "luxury and better than everyone else." Breakfast involved sitting at a table with a sales rep answering questions and filling out forms in between bites of cheap food. Then we had the rah, rah group presentation where they try to build group morale and promote a buying atmosphere. Next came the one on one sales pitch. We listened to everything the rep said. Gave him a shot to convince us to buy.

It was all a bunch a vague propaganda. At the surface it sounds good. Very little details are given on fees etc. I told the guy I would never make this type of financial commitment without doing more research first. That's when the sales pitch went south. The rep said this once in a lifetime deal would only be available today and basically told me I was too dumb to see what I would be missing out on. I brushed that off and said fine I'm good to leave whenever. They then brought out a deal for me to sign off on when I didn't even ask for one. I basically told him there was nothing he could say to get me to sign a deal that day. I'd do some research and get back with them if I was interested. This wasn't ok with them. The rep got very combative and laid on the guilt trip about how I was waiting their time and they spent so much money to have me there.

The sales rep left and in came the survey rep with a questionnaire and a trial offer deal with 3 year trial membership for around $3500. This guy was playing the nice guy routine saying he had been through our home town and surrounding areas. At this point I believe it to be a lie. He was just trying to build an imaginary relationship to make a sale. After we mentioned needing to see some reviews of their ownership he gave a big spill about how other people's reviews don't matter and you have to try it yourself. After doing an online search I see why. Wyndham preys and on people making uninformed snap decisions. They'll throw every sales pitch in their Arsenal at you to sell you. Do your research before signing anything. If they won't allow you to do so, that's a huge red flag. Walk out.

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