I have an account with Yahoo Mail that I do not use anymore. Long story short, according to Yahoo Mail, someone has been hacking my account. I called to get information and close my account. What happened on the phone really HURT. I did not have my account password because I haven't used the account in years, so I asked the guy did I need my password. He ignored me (whiched shocked me), and requested that I log onto my computer and visit Logmein.com (I believe is the website). I wanted to be sure I was not wasting his time or mine, so I asked again did I need my password. He then said, I quote "Sir I told you to go to Logmein.com (Again not sure of the site so maybe I shouldn't quote)"!!!

I was shocked. So much I paused out of shock, and I then asked for a manager or someone of higher authority. He then asked, "sir, why?" I said, "Sir, I feel as if you have been kind of nasty to me". What he said next blew me away out of disbelief. He goes on to say very nasty curse words to me that no customer should have to experience. He says "Well sir you have been nasty you Fcking Jacka have a nice day!

I will never use yahoo again, I will for sure use my google mail account. I hope they haven't reached a level of success that is really showing their egos.

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