Let me start by saying I used to be a raving fan of Yokohama tires. We have several vehicles, and I purchased several sets and referred friends and family to them. The last set of tires I bought (October 2014) came with a rebate. I completed the form within 1 day, and sent it in. I quickly received an email to confirm receipt and an indication that the rebate would be processed soon. I waited a few months, and no rebate yet. I called in to the service line, and they indicated it was sent to me.

However, I received about 3 months after purchasing the tires, and the US postal service stamped the letter a few days before I received the letter. Yokohama was not willing to be honest and accurate with me regarding this very time consuming ordeal. Nor would they apologize or take responsibility, as the call center was very discourteous and unprofessional to deal with. I just received a survey from them and they called me after I gave a poor review. I got the same run-around. I went from a raving fan, to the opposite. I never plan to buy from them again and would loudly tell others the same.

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