My paid advertisement was hacked and the phone number under my paid ad was replaced with another company. I paid for the ad and they got the business. My advertisement at was at the top 2nd/3rd on priority listing, on a monthly plan of $ the last few months before the ending of my 3rd year contract, I noticed that I wasn't getting any business from that advertisement. I checked my listing and I found the reason. The phone number that appeared under my company name was replaced by another company's phone number. The Same company has over 30 listings with the same number.

As I found out I immediately contacted my sales rep Jorge and asked him to look into it, how it was possible that someone else put their number under my paid advertisement and took all the business from me. I also mentioned to him that checking listings you can see that the same phone number is appearing with different company names and addresses under Locksmith Phoenix. My sales rep promised to get to the bottom of it and resolve the issue. I mentioned to the sales rep I understood why I didn't have any business coming from YP and I had lost a lot of clients. The scammers who took my number and used my company name they can damage our reputation.

My sales rep understood and promised me that he would get to the bottom of it and definitely would refund me for the loss. He promised that I would get 3 months refunded. My 3rd year contract was about to finish at the beginning of October and I mentioned to Jorge that because of what had happened and loss of business and money, I would have to reconsider continuing the ad with them. Jorge promised me over and over that he would work and try to resolve the issue. As promised I later received a call saying that he got approved for the reimbursement of 3 months, and that the money would be back in my account within a couple of weeks.

It is now the second week of November, I noticed no refund had ever been issued. I started to call Jorge and left him over 5 voice mails asking him to contact me and to update me on the refund. I never heard back. I also called Andy, the "customer relations manager" he had also been involved in my case, and I told him how disappointed that my sales rep was ignoring my calls. He told me that my contract had ended and the issues had been resolved and there wouldn't be any refund. I was in shock that they decided to play this the last 3 years my estimate of advertising with YP was over $15,000. Now I understand that a big company like YP only cares about their benefit and not about the customers.

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