YP Advertising is a big waste of money! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ADVERTISING WITH YP (Yellow Pages). We paid for 4000 mailers to be mailed to our customers for our business. The rep. Assured me how effective and efficient the service was. When the actual time to send the mailers ours had arrived after weeks of preparation. I verified 3 times when the actual mailing day would be so we could coordinate and be ready for the sale. I called 11 times to see why none of our customers had received a mailer. I was told that they did not get mailed until 3 1/2 weeks after the initial date they were supposed to be mailed. Even worse, after they said they had been mailed only about 10 of our customers actually received them (out of 4000 that we had paid for).

When I called to inquire they tried to blame the post office. I informed them that I did not pay the post office to provide this service. I paid YP advertising over 3000 dollars! I tried and tried to resolve this and try to get some type of customer service! I was told many times they were planning on refunding the entire amount to my credit card but it would take some time! I called four months after and during that time I was told they were working on it! I was called by the manager FRANK who assured me that it would be taken care of! Months later I received an email that said claim denied/case closed. They didn't even have the decency to call and no explanation! I have tried many times and left messages for FRANK and he won't even answer his phone or return my calls!

I would strongly caution anyone who is interested in advertising with YP (Yellow Pages). They will make many promises and make their services sound real good when they are trying to sell you, but their advertising does not work! We received 1 call in a year from their advertising and they did not come through on the mailer. Nothing but a SCAM and big waste of money! Use your advertising dollars anywhere else but Yellow Pages!

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