My diamonds were stolen from my ring when I sent it in for service and replaced with diamonds with LARGE, VISIBLE, YELLOW flaws. My husband bought my ring back in 2011, it has 3 diamonds on it. They were beautiful and everyone said it, loved it. I had the ring sent in for sizing, again to weld on my wedding band, and once to be re-dipped over the last 4 years. 2 weeks ago I sent my ring in to be re-dipped again and when I went in today, the ring they handed me was my band but NOT my diamonds! The center stone had a huge, yellow flaw in the center and another huge, yellow flaw, 4x the size of the prong under one of the prongs! It was so large I asked the service lady to "clean the glue off it".

There was another large, yellow flaw on the side diamond as well. She told me it was a flaw and that they don't use glue to set it. I explained my ring didn't have 2 big, yellow globs in the center stone or the side stones. She then told me that I probably just never noticed them before even though I've been wearing it everyday for over 4 years! She assured me that they are the same but maybe they looked different because it was "clean" and started to try and explain the C's to me. I told her again, these were NOT my original diamonds. My diamonds did not have 3 HUGE yellow flaws in them!

I had my husband come see the ring and he too told the lady he would NEVER had bought a ring that had diamonds that flawed. I told her if my husband had bought me that ring with that large of flaws on the diamonds, we would have returned the ring after the engagement and bought a different ring. I have high definition photos of my ring and there is no visible flaws on any of my diamonds. My husband talked to the Zales service center and they said they would send it back, my ring, to be assessed for repairs but they can't guarantee that my original diamonds will be replaced.

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