Absolutely appalling service from the store on subject, (Zara gateway mall, Umhlanga, Durban)it totally tarnishes the Zara brand. I simply cannot believe the audacity of these people. Utter rubbish!! Wanted to return an item that was bought for me on the 26th August 2016 and I just didn't like it at all!! So I went into the Zara gateway store today 1 September 2016, to ask for a refund because my size wasn't on the jeans I wanted to exchange the item with.Got to the till and told the rude black girl there that I wanted to get a refund so she then called her manager. The manager came and took the item, looked at it and said they will not give me a refund because the item is wet and it is not in its original state. WHAT???!!! Both labels were still attached to it, and I had the receipt with me. But she insisted the item is wet. How could I have worn the item without taking the very visible labels out. The girl behind the counter kept laughing the entire time. I was so angry that I decided to just leave I told them to keep the item because I didn't want it which is why I was returning it. Such disgusting behavior. How can you be laughing at the fact that a customer's request is being rejected, totally rude and uncalled for. You better send your people to customer service training because they will bring this brand to the ground.

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